Everything Louder Than Everything Else

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Day 245- Alter Bridge- Cry of Achilles

Don’t close your eyes
Something beautiful is still alive
Don’t close your eyes
Never turn away and let it die

Day 244-The Ataris- I.O.U.OneGalaxy

I’m still looking waiting for this.
So today’s song is in honour of my PSN name: IOUOneGalaxy :)

Day 243- Trapt- Contagious

I was sick of restrictions sick of the boundaries about to close the door
Such a lack of conviction no real connection what should I settle for
But you caught my attention you built on the tension and you left me wanting more
Now I don’t know what to do with myself do with myself I don’t want nobody else

Day 242- Brand New- The Archers Bows Have Broken

What did you learn tonight?
you’re shouting so loud you barely enjoy this broken thing
you’re a voice that never sings, is what I say
You were freezing over hell
You were bringing on the end, you do so well
You can only blame yourself, it’s what I say

Day 241- Alkaline Trio-Private Eye

But at the right place at the right time
I’ll be dead wrong and you’ll be just fine
And I won’t have to quit doing fucked up shit
For anyone but me your private eye



Day 240- Black Stone Cherry- Let Me See You Shake

She’d been goin’ all night long
When she said oh damn this is my song
And then the beat went spinnin’ round again
These five words are what I said

Let me see you shake
Let me see you shake
Let me see you shake what your momma gave ya down to the floor
Let me see you shake

Day 239-Bruno Mars- Locked Out Of Heaven

I keep hearing this on a TV advert, so had to check the full song out :)

Day 238- Aerosmith- Fly Away

Gotta find a way
yeah I cant wait another day
aint nothing gonna change
if we stay around here
gotta do what it takes
cause its all in our hands
we all make mistakes
yeah but its never too late to start again
take another breath and say another prayer

Day 237- Thrice- Deadbolt

and I’m almost sure
that I’ve been here before,
that this is not the first time I’ve stood in front of this door,
with an overwhelming feeling that I shouldn’t go in,
but it seems this is a battle that I never could win.