Everything Louder Than Everything Else

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Day 294- Screamin’ Jay Hawkins- I Put A Spell On You

I just can’t stand it babe
The way you’re always runnin’ ‘round
I just can’t stand it, the way you always put me down
I put a spell on you because you’re mine

Day 293-Nightwish-Phantom of the Opera

Day 292- Marilyn Manson-Sweet Dreams

I wanna use you and abuse you
I wanna know what’s inside you
Moving on, moving on
Moving on, moving on
Moving on, moving on
Moving on

Day 291- Alkaline Trio- Over At The Frankenstein Place

There’s a light 
Over at the Frankenstein place
There’s a light
Burning in the fireplace
There’s a light 
In the darkness of everybody’s life

Day 290- Meat Loaf- Bat Out Of Hell

Like a bat out of hell
I’ll be gone when the morning comes.
When the night is over
Like a bat out of hell
I’ll be gone gone gone.
Like a bat out of hell
I’ll be gone when the morning comes.
But when the day is done and the sun goes down,
and the moonlights shining through,
Then like a sinner before the gates of heaven,
I’ll come crawling on back to you.

Day 289- Wednesday 13- I Walked with a Zombie

I’m damned if I voodoo, and I’m dead if I don’t
Kick the crypt and baby walk with me
And we’ll find a new place to haunt
Now the dead can’t die, they’re not alive
I’ve got one walking by my side

Day 288- Creedence Clearwater Revival-Bad Moon Rising

I see the bad moon arising.
I see trouble on the way.
I see earthquakes and lightnin’.
I see bad times today.

Day 287- Senses Fail- Choke On This

Like a frame in a movie, you’re just one of many
Can you grant me one last wish
Play russian roulette as we kiss
I’ll be your cheap novelty
Blow your brains out on me

Day 286- Drowning Pool- Bodies

One - Nothing wrong with me
Two - Nothing wrong with me
Three - Nothing wrong with me
Four - Nothing wrong with me

One - Something’s got to give
Two - Something’s got to give
Three - Something’s got to give